Friday, June 26, 2009

The night is not quiet;
It is not still.

The sun will not settle down.
She refuses to let her feverish energy be dampened by Moon’s cruel darkness,
And so she bounces off tree tops and dances through blades of grass.

She likens herself to Moon’s soft mists and drifts her way into heads and hearts,
Causing minds to stir and bodies to rustle.

“Sleep not!” insists the tenacious sun.
If Darkness continues to make the world weary, Sun will merely shine her magnificence upon the moon
So that the sky will brighten as though it were day.

Crickets chirp in accord with Sun’s brilliant thoughts
And owls sound their approval of her wisdom.

For such creatures know Sun’s obdurate ways
And understand that she does not permit
Night to be quiet or still.

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