Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where's my grown-up guidance counselor?!

I've just read an interesting article npr posted about Georgetown University's recent study on unemployment and college majors.

This article sheds light on a problem facing both American and Canadian graduates and young professionals. While it is true that there is no one path or guaranteed method to obtaining the dream job (right?!) there is definitely information that one can learn, and should probably learn sooner than later. I don’t recall receiving guidance of any relevance when I was in high school, and I don’t even know if there was someone at my university I could have talked to who could have helped me prepare for entering the job market, or work to improve my job prospects. 

Now, five years after receiving my undergraduate degree – albeit in the non-specific field of Liberal Arts – I have worked a myriad of jobs, have no real savings, no clue what I want to do, and doubts about returning to school to improve my prospects. I need a guidance counselor now as much as I ever needed one in High School. True, there are “career counselors” however they cost a fortune that I can’t afford – and my therapist (whom really, I also can’t afford) won’t give me advice because of course I am to have realizations/revelations of my own – which is so annoying.  

Honestly, right now, all I want is for someone to tell me what to do. I’m tired of feeling blindly around, hoping I’ll somehow stumble upon the secret stepping stone to my brilliant career. 

I loved school, I would love to go back – have a structure and purpose to every day – but I can’t help but wonder if a graduate degree is worth it. Seems to me I’m more likely to end up with debt and a piece of paper on my wall than with greater job options and higher earning power. These are the conundrums I wish more people were talking about. Okay fine, there has been a fair bit of coverage on the topic of the millennial generation’s employment struggles but statistics and studies is not enough! Stop telling me about my bleak prospects (because believe me, I am well aware) and start telling me how to challenge them! Where’s my grown-up guidance counselor?!