Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This ia what everyone told me about my trip. Travelling with my mother and sister raised a few concerns, but Spain is too wonderful. The sun is hot, the breeze is refreshing, the people are social, the streets are bustling, the flowers are blooming. We've drunk Sangria in plazas and cafe con leche on patios. Today we're venturing to one of the world's premiere museums to see some priceless art... Madrid is awesome. (And miraculously I can remember some of the feeble Spanish I picked up on previous trips to Central America and Andalucia!)

photo via yes and yes

Quote of the Day

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tu es un hombre muy bonito!

The above is perhaps the only complex sentence I can speak in Spanish.

With any luck I'll hook myself a sexy Spanish man with it though and then I'll have a Vicky Christina Barcelona time with a Javier Bardem-esque artist, but minus the crazy wife... or maybe not. I digress. The point is TODAY I LEAVE FOR SPAIN!!

Yes friends, I am going on vacation. And after a six-day work week, a sinus infection/cold, a family tragedy, - and really, let's face it, a craptastic winter - boy oh boy am I ready for a vacation. I am going to take lots of pictures to share, and even though I've been lagging in blog upkeep as of late, I shall try to check in, so to speak. Now I just have to do all of my last minute packing, hope I sleep on the plane and pray I make my next-to-impossible connection en route and HOLA ESPANA!!!