Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who needs horses?

So its Ascot season again, and while those who know me may not be surprised to learn that I would love to go to the Royal Ascot. Horse racing and Royalty? Sure, fun times but the real reason to go is the fashion, and has been for quite some time.

I mean hello:

WAY more entertaining than watching some horses run in a circle, no?

[photos from here, here, here, here, and here]


borrowed from here

My mother knows me well

Yesterday my mother sent me an email with the subject line Why Portugal should win the World Cup

In the message? These photos:


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toronto Welcomes the World... or something...

Well I guess the G20 has started... I decided to take my mother (who is visiting) shopping at the Eaton Centre after work today. The TTC was curiously inoperable so we walked the 40 minute walk to the mall only to find that it was closed. It was then that I noticed that Queen and Yonge was oddly eerie so I suggested instead that we headed to Urban Outfitters. When we got there, it looked like this:

Soooo at that point I busted out my trusy 'Berry and googled "Toronto Yonge St Protesters" and immediately up came this article. Huh.

Walking home was very strange... streets empty with the exception of pedestrians and wannabe journalists snapping photos on cameras and cell phones (myself included) and broken glass. Here are the crummy photos I took:

...turn on any news station to see images of the clashes that are still going on...
What a terrible, terrible way to get across any sort of message. What a shame.

Ah well, at least the delegates are oblivious and dining in style... or something.

Sunday Morning Update: More pictures, a map, and news reports on what went on.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glad to know I'm not the only one with chandelier love...

I heart FIFA

Did I say I heart FIFA? I meant I heart footballers. Good gracious there are some good-looking soccer players... ay me. Roomie jokes that the most heard chant in our house during the World Cup has been "lookudim lookudim lookudim!" and if I'm honest, its probably true. I can't help it! Some of these boys are just too cute. There's a decent list compiled here, but believe me when I tell you that there are many many more gorgeous men running around out there on that pitch. Namely the entire Spanish team, and most of the Algerians and 'All Whites'.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Saddest thing I've seen all day

Delicate patterns in the sea breaking on Orange Beach, Alabama, more than 90 miles from the BP oil spill
AP Image found on TheGuardian.co.uk

Please just stop pointing fingers and clean up this mess.

PS- A friend of mine turned me onto this site should you want to get a clearer picture of how huge this disaster is.


I love absolutely everything about this house.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Polaris Long List was released today. I'm in the mood for some new music, and since it is becoming clear that I'm not going to get to any NXNE perhaps I'll steal some names from this list...

On another note, So You Think I Can Dance (possibly my favourite summer indulgence) is back on. Definitely came home from work and caught up on the opening performances - all of which were amazing. I mean, c'mon:

ALSO my Mama comes tomorrow! For a whole week! Now I just need to figure out what we're going to do the whole time... I may steal some of these ideas from my awesome friend Whitney, can you think of any other fun activities?

[Was about to click "publish" when I noticed how late it is... I hadn't realized it was approaching 10pm because it is still light outside!!! Holy Jumpin! and HELLOOO SUMMER!! ]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to the whole social networking revolution that’s going on. I’d like to think that I could be on the ‘up’ when it comes to technology and current trends, but truth be told I've never been that interested. Growing up I much preferred books and make-believe to video games... although I do recall a DOS-run computer game called Treehouse (or something) that was a fave for my younger sister and me. I was never a big fan of msn, in fact the Hotmail address I currently use is the one my roommate gave me when she signed me up my first year of university after being shocked and appauled that I wasn’t an avid online chatter. It took me a few years to get on Facebook as well, and I must admit that I enjoy going on that site less and less in recent months (I keep saying I’m going to desolve my account and am promptly talked out of it by someone or other). I just now went on Twitter for the first time, didn’t sign up, and I’ve got to say, I just don’t get it. I just don’t feel the need to provide the world/cyberspace/whomever with 140 character-long updates or witticisms on a regular basis, call me crazy. I’ve even been rather lack-luster when it comes to blogging as of late, something which I DO realize and apologise for. (Sorry!)

Am I missing something? Am I a traitor to my generation? I mean, I love the internet, don’t get me wrong (not as much as Roomie, who really actually has professed her love for it). I appreciate the ways in which online media and social networking has changed the way we interact with the world and each other, it’s just that sometimes I can’t help but feel like mobile phones and computer screens are replacing face-to-face interaction, and that makes me a little concerned. People need to be touched, need to be seen and I hope that people will be able to put down their iPads, Kindles and Androids long enough to place some importance on real, tangible interaction every once in a while.

I'm sorry, but how freaking cool is this dog? It must be so much more fun to come home when this is what you see when you walk into your living room!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it weird that I'm envious of this man's style?

Like seriously, where can I find a pair of those loafers...

photo via the Sartorialist


And images like these, from wit+delight, are not helping...

This is what was parked outside my house this morning:

You can't read it, but believe me when it says "Husband-for-Rent Home Repairs".
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be offended; so I took a picture.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today is another grey and rainy day. I would love to stay in bed, but alas I must get up and off to work. (Did I tell you? I GOT A JOB!!)
In attempt to ward off any grey and rainy thoughts maybe I'll think of summer strawberries (the best of all the berries). I wonder when strawberry season starts in Toronto?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Indulge me here...

I'm not sure if it has become apparent or not, but maybe a part of me wishes I lived in a different century...that or was somehow connected to a royal family. Why? I'm none too sure; but if either of these things were true than I would have such an amazing excuse to wear any of these spectacular fascinators:

The first and last one are my absolute favourites, because after all if you're going to be wearing ostentatious flowers, feathers and netting on your head, you might as well make it as large as possible.
These are courtesy of by Harriet, a UK outfit introduced to me by my Bride-to-be JMac. She might get a headband from them, and I kind of hope she does, just so maybe I can wear it for 5 minutes and pretend I'm en route to some sort of Derby or High-Society Event. Seriously though ladies, don't pretend you wouldn't feel capital "F" Fabulous wearing one of these millinery delights...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Topshop is coming to Toronto. Fashionphiles everywhere rejoice!!

Technically they're not opening a 'Topshop store' BUT once they've tested the market, so to speak, I'm certain some sort of flagship store will prop up on Bloor or Queen West. Bring it on. Nothing like more opportunity to spend money I don't really have on hyper-trendy pretty things...


My weekend away was sunny fun relaxing vacation time... I kind of wish I hadn't come home. But it's sunny and fun here in Toronto too, so I'm going make this little diddy my song of the day, and smile and dahnce dahnce dahnce.