Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toronto Welcomes the World... or something...

Well I guess the G20 has started... I decided to take my mother (who is visiting) shopping at the Eaton Centre after work today. The TTC was curiously inoperable so we walked the 40 minute walk to the mall only to find that it was closed. It was then that I noticed that Queen and Yonge was oddly eerie so I suggested instead that we headed to Urban Outfitters. When we got there, it looked like this:

Soooo at that point I busted out my trusy 'Berry and googled "Toronto Yonge St Protesters" and immediately up came this article. Huh.

Walking home was very strange... streets empty with the exception of pedestrians and wannabe journalists snapping photos on cameras and cell phones (myself included) and broken glass. Here are the crummy photos I took:

...turn on any news station to see images of the clashes that are still going on...
What a terrible, terrible way to get across any sort of message. What a shame.

Ah well, at least the delegates are oblivious and dining in style... or something.

Sunday Morning Update: More pictures, a map, and news reports on what went on.

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