Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today I was (slightly) snowed in, and I did my fair share of snacking, but mostly I was packing. These options sound much more fun:

Nothing Elegant: The List: 20 Things to Do When You're Snowed-In and Stir Crazy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Art Rules!

This evening I went to the AGO. (Which offers free admission every Wednesday night from 6-8:30, woot! woot!)

At the gift shop I bought this Edward Steichen photograph on a postcard.

It's of Therese Duncan, standing on the Acropolis. It's called 'Wind and Fire'. It cost me $0.51. I'm going to frame it and put it on my wall and I think it will be quite fetching.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Close your eyes and listen

As mentioned, I've been enjoying my new album by The Swell Season.

Tonight I was walking home and I was literally taken aback by this song. I've just listened to it three times (yes, count 'em 3 times) and it. is. Beautiful.

Bass line
Simple melody
Suberb harmony
A capella fade out chorus at the end.

I think it's my new fave.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm in the living room, old smelly dog sitting on my feet, eating leftover mashed potatoes and listening to The Swell Season. I just got the CD today - I won it over Christmas from Kelly Catrera on CBC Radio 2 (did I tell you that?). I'm digging the album so far; it's perfectly pensive music for what has turned into a slow afternoon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi Alex:

Great to hear from you. And thanks for the phone message…I just returned to the office and listened to it.

Why don’t we meet, perhaps for lunch or a coffee, and discuss the kinds of things you want to do and experiences that have mattered to you. That would give me a better idea of how to position you with the folks internally who may be looking to add to their teams. Do you have any free time next week?

In the meantime, send me your CV (don’t worry about a cover letter at this point) and I will have a look at it.

I will be looking forward to seeing you again.


And BAM! All the stress was worth it.

(More on stress leading up the the 'lunch or a coffee' is sure to come)

It's a good thing "Job Hunting" isn't a profession, because if it were I'd be fired.

hi bruce It's Alex Archibald phoning.
We met on a flight to Halifax over xmas and you were kind enough to offer me your business card
so now that i'm back in toronto and getting settled i thought i would give you a call.
i'd love to discuss how i might go about submitting my resume to [your company].
i can be reached at 416 blahblahblah, or perhaps i'll send off an email as well or give you a try another time.
Thank you very much and i hope we can be in touch.
have a good day

That is the voicemail script I spent a minimum of 15 minutes drafting this morning. I then spent a good 5-10 minutes rehearsing said script, while debating with friends via BBM and text messages whether or not I should phone and leave the voicemail first, or send an email. After several deep breaths and the oral repetition of the mantra "be confident, it's just a phone call" I called, left the message (a couple of 'ums' may have snuck in but I think I was eloquent enough) and then moved on to drafting the "quick follow-up email". Wrote my pitch, spell-checked, etc. and that was fine (writing = no problem...unlike talking). Debated for another 5 minutes as to what the appropriate Subject Line should be, sent email.

...aaaand I'm spent.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is an Interior Design Show in Toronto this weekend and I want to go.

I am positive that I will not be able to afford any of the items featured (unless there is a SERIOUS door prize) but I imagine the whole event to be rather inspiring, and hopefully I'd walk away with some ideas for my own place. One of my super talented friends has started her own Interior Design business, so perhaps I'll get her to come with so I can legitimize my attendance.

I've been really into interiors lately; pouring over blogs like Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire, and Remodelista and reading my cousins' copies of Architecture & Design Magazine and House & Home while I stay at their house (last week they received a Restoration Hardware Catalogue - be still my heart!). Maybe I'll add Interior Design to my list of possible careers (or hobbies at the very least). It's going to be a fun challenge to define my own style (and marry it with my roommates) in my apartment in the coming months.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Word of the week: Productivity

This week is going to be different.

While the self-doubt and frustrations from last week are still present, I am going to bury them and act the part of a confident, capable, ready-to-work young lady.

I was feeling much more confident and "go-get'em" this weekend to tell the truth, and now that it is Monday my nerves are a wee bit shakey (as per usual). BUT I shall persevere and be PRODUCTIVE.

(Wish me luck!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lookie What I Found!

Oh Gwyneth, you are too cool. You have turned me onto Garance Dore and it is already stored in My Favorites.

Garance is French and therefore inherently fabulous, and is into fashion and has an eye for all things beautiful. Like her bf [The Sartorialist himself] she travels to exotic places and takes magnificent photos of beautiful people in beautiful clothes.

Her recent posts are from a trip to Rio, and I think these ones are my favourite. The middle 3 would make a fabulous triptych on my wall...just sayin'.

How cute is this?!

Found on flying buttresses

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just writin' about some stuff...

"Hang out in the vicinity of brainstorms"

That's what Free Will advised in my horoscope today. I quite like it, and think that I shall strive to do so.

Today was a much better day than yesterday (as predicted). I was out of the house by 10am (ok, 11); I learned that I can use all of the Visa Rewards Points I've been saving for no reason to put towards an RSP - hello New Years Resolution attainment!! I also went to my first ever hot yoga class! I bought a 'try it for a week' unlimited pass and my goal is to go to a yoga class everyday this week...although not neccessarily a yoga class practiced in a 38 degree room.

I also bought a fabulous pair of black wool trousers from Club Monaco that technically I can't afford, but that I am positive will get me hired once I wear them to a job interview (..that is if I get a job interview). I tried to find a photo of their beautiousness to play Show&Tell but alas the CM website is too sophisticated for me. Seriously though, in my fantasy life my entire closet looks like [and is comprised of] a Club Monaco store.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Look

In attempt to perhaps evade said "rut" I've changed my template. I haven't decided if I like it yet, but will try it out for the next little bit - thoughts??
So my New Years' Resolution for 2010 is to start an RSP. (I'm a "grown up" now, so I'm trying to be responsible).

Today I added an item to the list (apart from the never-resolving, "drink more water" conundrum): This year I am going to read more.

A few of the blogs I've been reading have posted end-of-the-year lists listing the books they've read. i am going to do the same, so that a) i can hope to actually remember the books i've read, and b) I can force myself to actually read.

this entry is crap

That's what I was going to post last night. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is Don't Blog While Overtired and Lying in Bed at One in the Morning, but I am going to conclude that I am in a wee rut. Either that, or am having a seriously detrimental case of "the Mondays".

Seems odd to say that I'm in a rut, considering I'm in Toronto and embarking on the next chapter of my life, etc. and so on, but I think it is true. It seems to have taken longer than normal to transition from 'crazy Christmas, family, good ol' Hali' lifestyle to 'back in Toronto, starting a life, big city' mode. Also, I am startled by the measured lack of confidence I feel when confronted with the tasks required to get my "Fabulous Toronto Life" up and running. Like the Job Hunt which I've been dreading for ages: I find myself reading job descriptions and thinking "no point in applying, there's definitely someone else more qualified than me so there's no chance I'll get it" which is absolutely without question NOT the attitude one is supposed to have as one enters the job market. It's not good.

Today I didn't leave the house, which always makes me feel like a slug - especially while I'm staying at my cousins because while there is plenty of room and I'm in nobody's way, this is an incredibly busy and successful couple and I can't help like I'm being judged for my lack of initiative. Not to say I didn't accomplish anything today; I applied for a couple of jobs online (which part of me feels is futile and not the best way to get hired), unpacked, cleaned, and organized my room, and did a load of laundry - yay small victories! Maybe I should go for a nice walk... now that the sun is down... ....

Anywho, such is my lament on this cold, grey Monday. Tomorrow will be better. I know that I have the skills to do everything I want to do here in Toronto, it's just a matter of bucking up and attacking upcoming challenges with a fearless, "can-do" attitude.... and of donning several layers and actually leaving the house.

PS. "I'm going to read more" is NOT the new resolution I came up with (although I would like to, and I do plan on recording the books I do read this year). The actual resolution I came up with yesterday while getting dressed was "No longer will I wear hole-y socks. Once I find a sock with a hole I will discard it and wear warm, complete socks like an adult should."

... Wonder why I thought socks warranted a blog entry... yes, I think the term "rut" would definetly apply to what's going on here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just sayin'

Sometimes I look at photos on the Sartorialist and think "my friend Tessa should be on here."

Like seriously.

[I was going to complain about my recent technological blunder and what has turned into a pity party of a Saturday night, but have decided that drabble about my self-conceived short comings does not make for an entertaining blog, and that a compliment for the coolest girl I know would be much more suitable.]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So remember days ago when I promised I wow you with my scrumptious NYE menu? Well here it is in all its glory. Everything turned out wonderfully and the evening was just superb (if I don't say so myself):

Hors D'Ouerves
-Plate of Artisanal Cheeses with bread/gluten free crackers and olives [est. cost $22]
Cocktail: Classic Martini, G&T [est. cost $40]

Salad Course
-Insalata Caprese [est. cost $15]

Main Course
-Beef Tenderloin [est. cost $20]
-Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary [est. cost $5]
-Asparagus with toasted pine nuts [est. cost $10]
Cocktail: Red Wine [est. cost $40]

Dessert Course
-Alan's Infamous Meringues with fresh berries [est. cost $10]

-Baileys Latte [est. cost $12]

Champagne! [est. cost $70]

Looks like cost will be about $40 each

Don't we look like we're having a fabulous time?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last night my friend put on this song after the fireworks died down and we sat and looked at the harbour, and were quiet, and it was perfect.

So I share it with you. Have a sit, and a ponder all of the magnificent possibilities of 2010!