Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just writin' about some stuff...

"Hang out in the vicinity of brainstorms"

That's what Free Will advised in my horoscope today. I quite like it, and think that I shall strive to do so.

Today was a much better day than yesterday (as predicted). I was out of the house by 10am (ok, 11); I learned that I can use all of the Visa Rewards Points I've been saving for no reason to put towards an RSP - hello New Years Resolution attainment!! I also went to my first ever hot yoga class! I bought a 'try it for a week' unlimited pass and my goal is to go to a yoga class everyday this week...although not neccessarily a yoga class practiced in a 38 degree room.

I also bought a fabulous pair of black wool trousers from Club Monaco that technically I can't afford, but that I am positive will get me hired once I wear them to a job interview (..that is if I get a job interview). I tried to find a photo of their beautiousness to play Show&Tell but alas the CM website is too sophisticated for me. Seriously though, in my fantasy life my entire closet looks like [and is comprised of] a Club Monaco store.

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