Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a good thing "Job Hunting" isn't a profession, because if it were I'd be fired.

hi bruce It's Alex Archibald phoning.
We met on a flight to Halifax over xmas and you were kind enough to offer me your business card
so now that i'm back in toronto and getting settled i thought i would give you a call.
i'd love to discuss how i might go about submitting my resume to [your company].
i can be reached at 416 blahblahblah, or perhaps i'll send off an email as well or give you a try another time.
Thank you very much and i hope we can be in touch.
have a good day

That is the voicemail script I spent a minimum of 15 minutes drafting this morning. I then spent a good 5-10 minutes rehearsing said script, while debating with friends via BBM and text messages whether or not I should phone and leave the voicemail first, or send an email. After several deep breaths and the oral repetition of the mantra "be confident, it's just a phone call" I called, left the message (a couple of 'ums' may have snuck in but I think I was eloquent enough) and then moved on to drafting the "quick follow-up email". Wrote my pitch, spell-checked, etc. and that was fine (writing = no problem...unlike talking). Debated for another 5 minutes as to what the appropriate Subject Line should be, sent email.

...aaaand I'm spent.

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