Thursday, June 3, 2010

Indulge me here...

I'm not sure if it has become apparent or not, but maybe a part of me wishes I lived in a different century...that or was somehow connected to a royal family. Why? I'm none too sure; but if either of these things were true than I would have such an amazing excuse to wear any of these spectacular fascinators:

The first and last one are my absolute favourites, because after all if you're going to be wearing ostentatious flowers, feathers and netting on your head, you might as well make it as large as possible.
These are courtesy of by Harriet, a UK outfit introduced to me by my Bride-to-be JMac. She might get a headband from them, and I kind of hope she does, just so maybe I can wear it for 5 minutes and pretend I'm en route to some sort of Derby or High-Society Event. Seriously though ladies, don't pretend you wouldn't feel capital "F" Fabulous wearing one of these millinery delights...

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