Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tu es un hombre muy bonito!

The above is perhaps the only complex sentence I can speak in Spanish.

With any luck I'll hook myself a sexy Spanish man with it though and then I'll have a Vicky Christina Barcelona time with a Javier Bardem-esque artist, but minus the crazy wife... or maybe not. I digress. The point is TODAY I LEAVE FOR SPAIN!!

Yes friends, I am going on vacation. And after a six-day work week, a sinus infection/cold, a family tragedy, - and really, let's face it, a craptastic winter - boy oh boy am I ready for a vacation. I am going to take lots of pictures to share, and even though I've been lagging in blog upkeep as of late, I shall try to check in, so to speak. Now I just have to do all of my last minute packing, hope I sleep on the plane and pray I make my next-to-impossible connection en route and HOLA ESPANA!!!

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