Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Woes of Being a Cater-Waiter

Catering is by and large a pretty good gig. I only work the functions I want / are able to work at, free food is usually involved and it means an extra cheque for the bank every now and then.

Catering is torture when I am catering an event whose guest list includes people I know. It is the worst: "Oh hi friend/acquaintance/neighbour/former teacher/former classmate - would you care for a bacon wrapped scallop?" Ugh, horrifying.

Point #2 is why I am dreading this afternoon. I agreed to cater at a super easy function - couple of hours, setting out some platters and passing some wine, [much needed] money in the bank. Simple. Awesome. Then I realized that the function in question is the reception following my younger brother's high school graduation. That's right. My 17 year-old brother and all of his cronies are moving on up, being promised greater things while I, 2 years out of university, serve them and their families crostinis, chocolate dipped strawberries and cheap white wine.
Awkward? Check.
Degrading? Check.
Last thing I want to do today? Check.
And all for a measly cheque.

Congratulations class of 2009 - may I offer you another mini quiche?

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