Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's to the Internet Explorer

Ahh internet, glorious internet.

I've been away for the past week sans computer (as my laptop was unable to come with due to its current malady) and it was rather lovely. I was surrounded by family, the weather was warm, I saw some amazing music - Stewart Park Festival = awesomeness - did some Ottawa touring and had a fantastic time.

Now that I back home, where life is much less exciting, I realize just how much I rely on the internet to entertain me. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing although I think that I feel much better about spending X amount of time reading, writing, researching and learning online than sitting like a zombie in front of the television. So here's to the internet! Welcome back into my life dear friend: you, your blogs, search engines, video clips, and infinite wealth of knowledge have been missed.

While I have missed the internet (and continue to miss my laptop) dearly, there are some perks to brief online separation. It's like putting on a top found in the depths of one's closet and discovering that it fits like a dream and looks fabulous.
Par exemple:
  • Was treated to a hefty amount of friend requests, posts, messages, event invites, new photos, and all other creepster things on facebook when I logged on this afternoon
  • Felt immensley popular when greeted by a myriad of email messages in my inbox [Note: This feeling of popularity and slight elation only occurs when checking personal email accounts. Arriving at work after vacation to 275 emails, the bulk of which are spam and scams, the rest of which are mainly obnoxious queries is quite ghastly.]
  • Am pumped about the undoubtedly wonderful things which have been posted on the many blogs/sites I reguarly visit. How exciting to have so many wonderful things to read!

Only con when venturing back online after vacation:

  • Online Bank and Visa Statement. This ain't gonna be pretty my friends...

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