Monday, July 27, 2009

ah, the Good Old Days

So my friend Tessa is quite possibly the coolest person I know. Don't believe me? Check out her blog. She rocks. Her blog also rocks because I often discover wonderful things on it - such as myvintagevogue. I don't know how these pictures have been found, but they are stunning.

I so often wish that my life was more glamourous - and not just in the typical jet-setting, cocktail parties, fabulous people with fabulous wealth kind of way, but in an everyday, 1950s glamour kind of way. Of course I write this while lazing on my bed wearing shorts, a t-shirt, no make-up, damp unstyled hair and mocassins that are a half size too big.

And so to get that horrid image out of your mind, and gently guide your imagination towards idea(l)s of a more glamourous nature, I will share these:

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