Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buyer's Remorse

So when I was away, I stumbled upon (aka was taken directly to by shopoholic cousins) a shoe factory outlet store. It carried mostly Naturalizer, whose shoes are super comfortable, erganomic, etc but which tend to be a little on the granny side stylistically. So imagine my excitement at the surprising selection of cute shoes at this store. Super cute shoes - and at a minimum, yes minimum discount of 30% off.

My cousins and I took over the store - in our typical fashion - and tried on dozens of shoes. I found a glorious pair of pewter loafers that were on sale for the rediculous price of $29.99. All of my inner instincts were telling me to buy those shoes, even if I had purchased a pair of loafers not 2 weeks prior.

I did not.

Instead, I decided to be practical; and may I say that that is the last time I will do so.

I bought a boring pair of black mary janes so that I would have comfortable, ergonomic shoes to wear when I'm serving (catering being my only real job these days). The black shoes were not $29.99. They were $69.99 and they were a mistake.

I can think of at least 3 occasions since my return back home when I thought, 'those silver loafers would be perfect for this outfit/outing'. Today was my first catering shift in ages so I busted out my new black shoes and they BUSTED up my feet. Granted, my knees are noticably uh, not sore considering I've just been standing up for 12 and a half hours but good god you should see my heels. Blisters like you would not believe. For the past oh, 3 hours every step has felt like blades jabbing into the back of my feet, and once I got and took the damn shoes off I discovered two blisters - one on each heel, each in identical locations - and by 'blisters' I mean way-past-the-blister-stage, nickel-sized open wounds. OWWWWW. :(

"Practical Purchase" = BIG failure. Never. Again

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