Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exits are here, here and here.

Last night I impulsively bought a one-way ticket to Toronto.

I couldn't help it! There were 36 hours left in a seat sale, it cost $89, two of my dearest university friends just happen to be headed into town the weekend I booked, I couldn't figure out when I should return so I just clicked 'Select This Flight', entered my trusty Visa number and am now headed to Toronto for an indefinite period of time, departing in a mere 6 days.

Cue panic.

This is exactly what happened in July when I left my job to move to Toronto, bought a one-way flight at the last minute, spent the night before I was set to depart avoiding packing and instead sitting on my back porch listening to music, making pro/con lists and drinking tea all night long whilst having a semi-meltdown slash severe personal crisis. [Whoa run-on sentence.] Next morning, instead of embarking on my new Toronto life, I called the airline and cancelled my ticket.

Point is, I am not entirely sure I will be able to avoid the same scenario this time around. I don't seem to be as terrified as before, and this time my trip includes immediate excitement and reward however I am still as ill-prepared, have no long term place to stay or job to sustain myself.


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