Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My blogging, Myself

I freakin' love stumbling upon new (to me) blogs. Whenever I come across a new photo blog or inspirational blog or rambling blog that is interesting, entertaining and well put together I get a feeling similar to that when you find an old photo album buried at the bottom of a storage box: "How long has this been here?" "How exciting!" "I had no idea this existed" "Look at all of the great stories in here!" etc.

Today I finally remembered to get my best friend's blog address from her. I've...

HOLD THE PHONE A MOUSE JUST RAN ACROSS MY KITCHEN FLOOR!!! GDAMMIT! FRIGGIN' RODENTS... IF IT ISN'T A FAMILY OF OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD SQUIRRELS IN MY BACKYARD OR AN ALLEGED RAT ON MY BACK PORCH (that's right, a rat was apparently spotted chasing said squirrels off my back porch today.. not a welcome solution to the squirrel problem) IT'S A BLOODY MOUSE (not so) CASUALLY SCURRYING FROM THE OVEN TO THE DISHWASHER....

(Ahem). I digress.

I've been trying to find her blog for ages et voila I now have access. It's wordy which is not at all bad but very interesting to me because throughout our entire friendship she has been the open, effusive, talkative one and I have been the inward, private, sit-back-and-take-it-all-in one. This is exactly how our blogs are. She writes (in her lovely way which is exactly like she talks aloud) about her day to day life, her personal thoughts and opinions and the people surrounding her who affect her the most. I borrow blog entries, share photos and videos, comment assertively yet objectively on various things I find, and share information from other people but rarely about myself.

I sometimes hate (and I use this word deliberately) my inability to open up. It is a truly hideous trait to possess when at a party or meeting new people or on a date (especially the latter) and the amount of effort it takes me to make small talk, or share stories or divulge information is truly exhausting. I must say that I feel I am getting better at the very least I'm a work in progress. (Sharing a personal blog with the world has got to count for something in this regard am I right?)

P.S. On the subject of newly found blogs, did you know that Gwenyth Paltrow has one?! Truth be told, I haven't quite figured it out yet, but leave it to JMac to put me on to that one..

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