Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reading, Resting, Relaxing

It is grey and rainy outside, which is just fine by me, because I am holed up inside.

I woke up early, made a pot of tea and sat down with a china tea cup and saucer (one must be proper on Sunday mornings) today's paper, yesterday's Globe, a pencil for the crossword puzzle, a new book to read and a CD of Mozart piano concertos to play in the background.


Now my blissful morning has passed, and despite plans to have a productive afternoon, I find myself lazing on my unmade bed, reading blogs, listening to Ella and Louis (whom I kind of wish were my friends) and putting off cleaning my rather atrociously untidy room.

I may even take a nap... and I won't even feel bad if I do because naps are what rainy Sunday afternoons are for.

Hope everyone is getting in a little R&R before another week begins! (I highly recommend it)

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