Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well what have we here...

I think I've already mentioned the great Sunfiltered blog. I check it periodically and every time I do I make a mental note to tune in more frequently. For example, today I discover the Full Frontal Fashion Blog, which looks way cooler than I could ever hope to be...


Announcing the launch of FULL FRONTAL FASHION, an all new style destination offering insider access to the highly creative world of contemporary fashion. Meet the designers, influencers, artists and trends at the forefront of international style and glamor. FULL FRONTAL FASHION will unveil the craft, creativity and passion of the most authentic artists working in, and around, the world of fashion today.

Rarely is fashion considered purely as an art form — it’s more of a publicity tool, a shopping opportunity or status symbol. Yet, behind the label, in a small warehouse or atelier somewhere, designers put their pens to paper, take a 2-dimensional inspiration and make it a 3-dimensional work of art.

We want to celebrate that process with FULL FRONTAL FASHION — and show all the exciting underpinnings of putting together a collection. We hope to start with inspiration, which as we all know can be anything, and explore construction and ultimately how and why clothing gets sold and worn.

We have gathered a diverse group of creative writers, photographers, artists and stylists to write about their fashion perspective each day on the FULL FRONTAL FASHION blog.

Log On. Tune-In. Buckle Up!

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