Monday, October 26, 2009

Good times

So as you are perhaps aware, there have been several weekends that have coasted by without a single incident worthy or mentioning, these are the weekends when I laze about my house doing nothing, and then I complain about it.

Not this past weekend, no no! I did things, saw people, was out of the house and had a grand time.

Saturday started with lunch at Estia, the new Greek restaurant downtown, I then braved the brittle wind and freezing rain to peruse some stores, do some shopping, and visit my first ever Zine Fair. The fair was pretty fab - my friend Tessa and her bf had a table for their label, even though they don't even live here...they are just. that. hip. AND I they gave me a free cd! Woot woot!

Saturday night was filled with G&Ts, new friends, pumpkin ale and hilarious conversation that lasted until sunrise. Awesome! (and exhausting).

Sunday was perfect. The sun shone, the temperature rose to 20 degrees, Haligonians were out and about and I wore flip flops and a t-shirt.. on the 22nd of October! Breakfast was smoked salmon eggs benny at the Ardmore, my afternoon was basking in the sun while reading the paper followed by a lovely walk in the park, dinner was homemade ribs and mashed potatoes (yum!!) and bedtime was at 8:30pm.

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