Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't know what it is but I can't seem to sit down and write anything coherent. I've been doing plenty of blogable things since arriving in Toronto, but I suppose my head is as much in a nomadic state as my life is right now. I have a few things to share so perhaps in lieu of having the focus to eloquently display them I'll list them off in a non-sensical order.


The seasons have changed. Suddenly changed. It was all sun and sweaters (ok, and a week of rain) and now there are frost warnings, and bitter winds and a desperate need for scarves and gloves (a darling set of which were purchased yesterday at Winner's after spending far too much time combatting what I believed I called "heinously ferocious winds" on Bloor West.)

This past Thanksgiving Weekend I was in Peterborough staying with a friend and her wonderful family and I was shocked at the exuberance and magnificence of all of the fall colours! One thing about staying in downtown Toronto is there are no trees, which is a shame. Driving around Peterborough and its surrounding areas I was reminded of home and how beautiful the leaves look in Nova Scotia. Sadly, I didn't have the presence of mind to take any photos. (More on that later) So I'll share/borrow/steal a photo or two that a dear friend of mine took in Cape Breton not so long ago. (Thanks Will!)


My Peterborough Thanksgiving was fantastic.

Okay so here's the deal: This post was supposed to be much longer, and in fact it was. There were photos included - cute ones too! Like me and my new sheep friend at a fall fair! - and reflections, observations, vows - well, maybe not vows, that sounds far too serious - questions, stories, and much, much, more! However instead of hitting 'Publish Post' I apparently (and absently) clicked 'Save Now', and only today did I discover not only were my lovely words and photos not out in the world for all to see BUT half of the post had not in fact been saved in the first place. Enter frusteration; at myself and at my machine.
SO instead of trying to revert to my mental state of this past Wednesday, and recreate this post, I am going to publish what is here and move on to something new. 'Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By' and all that jazz. Bear with me my friends, I'll be back on track here soon - I promise.

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