Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflections, more life plans, and an apparent Gwyneth Paltrow obsession:

Tonight I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and thought "Ugh, how unfortunate." On second thought, I believe I actually audibly uttered those words to the sorry reflection looking back at me.

I had hastily pulled my [greasy] hair into what I'll have to call a "rough ponytail", my concealer had all but vanished betraying the dark, baggy circles under my eyes, I'd shoved my [slipper-sock clad] feet into my mother's Blundstones - which peeking out from my trouser jeans resembled clown shoes, and I had LEFT THE HOUSE. That's right, although feeling exhausted, achy, overfull and looking one baggy t-shirt short of ghastly I actually allowed myself to enter the public domain.

(Okay so it wasn't so much "the public domain" as it was driving to my grandparents house to pick up my brother, but still.)

My point is that I have been less than, er, fastidious about my personal health these days. Somehow my life has become more about needless late nights, wine, coffee, tea, carbs, cheese, over-indulgence/eating on an almost daily basis, stress and slovenliness, and less about proper sleep patterns, water intake, fruits&veg, self confidence and improvement, and any/all forms of exercise.

NOT GOOD. And my body is starting to show the effects. (On the plus side, I bought myself a daily multivitamin a week ago and have remembered to take it...3 whole days! Yay improvement??)

Last night I read about a cleanse that Gwyneth Paltrow was raving about, and thought 'I should do that'. For a few deluded moments I had myself thinking "all I need is to do this 21-day total detox and I will emerge healthy, happy, lithe and lean - just like Gwyneth!" Then I noticed that the cleanse includes $350 (!!!) worth of essential meal-replacement shakes and supplements and said delusions quickly faded. 21 days of a mere diet-regime to turn me into Gwyneth Paltrow??!? Yeah friggin' right.

I mean hello:


All this aside, I have decided that the time is now. (Cue fanfare!) I'm changing cities, why not change lifestyles? Well perhaps a complete 'lifestyle overhaul' is a tad drastic BUT I would truly like to do a cleanse/detox of some sort, I'm thinking about cutting out as much dairy as I can muster (as an asthmatic, phlegm and I have been friends for too long and milk and mucus go together like....I don't know I can't think of an analogy.. the fact I just used the word 'mucus' grossed me out and threw me off-kilter), I can practically hear my muscles urging me to get back into yoga, and I know I'll feel a difference if I start drinking more water.

Other plans to re-vamp my life currently include an appointment with a financial planner, reading more non-fiction, and taking a dance class come winter.

How this will all turn out? Who knows?

Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow does... that woman knows everything, just look at her blog.

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