Friday, October 2, 2009

Something about a glass half "full"..

This afternoon, as I trekked through the rain on my way to the liquor store (oh, the things I do for a good bottle of wine...) I passed a girl strolling down Front St, rain coat on, hood up, beaming smile on her face. I mean, she looked positively elated - bride on her wedding day, kid in a candy store, blissed out HAPPY. Immediately I thought, "what's with this woman? Why is she smiling while walking through the pouring rain on this gray, gross day? How bizzare." And then I realized how incredibly cynical and pessimistic a thought that was and decided that I need to work on that aspect of myself.

I mean, why shouldn't someone smile through the rain while going for a walk on a Friday afternoon?

Now, off to make a cuppa tea and curl up with Edward Cullen & co. (Yes, I have started reading Twilight. So far I am underwhelmed. It is a pretty quick read though, easy to get caught up in - and a perfect way to pass the time on rainy day.)

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