Monday, November 9, 2009


Fun Alex Fact: I have a tendency to bury my head in the sand when confronted with a task I deem to be stressful. Only problem is, avoiding tackling said task doesn't make the necessity of the task disappear, and all I do is procrastinate until the point where I am under some sort of extreme timeline, and said task ends up being infinitely more stressful than it would have been had I just dealt with it outright.

Par exemple, I have been home for close to 3 weeks now. The purpose of coming home was to pack up the rest of my things and prepare for my move to Toronto. What the trip turned into was a mostly social visit filled with lots of lolling about (read: procrastination/utter avoidance). Now I have 3 days to accomplish all of the things that I should have been working on for the past three weeks (packing, sorting, Dr's appointments) as well as some how fit in goodbyes/visits with everyone in Halifax. It is entirely overwhelming, and also incredibly frustrating because I have brought it on myself.

So may I extend heartfelt apologies for being neglectful, dear blog. Next week I'll be back on track, I promise.
On another note...

The other day I watched Across the Universe (which I love) in yet another maneuver to put off packing. Ever since I've had Oh Darlin' stuck in my head, and so I shall share it with you!

I'm thinking it would make a good karaoke song... then again I don't karaoke so what do I know.

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