Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sales Tactics

One of the most peculiar things about aparment or job hunting is the neccesity to sell oneself.

At least I find it peculiar...and well, difficult.

I wish I had the blind confidence to walk up to a potential boss/landlord/boyfriend and say (in so many words) "I am the person you want. I am the person you need. No one else will be able to fill this space better than I can." Confidence is confidence inspiring however it seems to me that when it comes to self confidence that statement loses its potency.

I am capable. This I know, and to a certain extent I am able to demonstrate as such but for some reason the knowledge that other people believe in my capability, believe in me, makes me uncomfortable. I've never really been one to take compliments well, and that I am certain relates to self confidence, or rather a lack thereof.

Maybe I'm too humble for my own good... that sounds pompous. I think that's why I am so uncomfortable with the idea of selling myself, I find the notion of expounding one's virtues, strengths and abilities to be inherently self-indulgent and ostentatious - qualities that I do not like in others. In a job market such as today's, or when meeting with a landlord, or perhaps even on a date (although in that area I assure you I hold no expertise) a bit of turgid behaviour is necessary. I mean, if I don't speak up and explain all of my assets than who will? Certainly not my competition.

I think this is my first major lesson upon moving to 'the big smoke'... okay second, the first was always wear comfortable, non-blister inducing shoes when walking around exploring your new city.

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