Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well I made it. Despite blizzards and blowing snow my flight landed smoothly in Halifax on Sunday night, and now I am "Home for the Holidays". It's quite lovely.

I still don't quite have a room of my own, as my 'little' brother (I say 'little' because he is in fact now bigger than I am, which is a startling thought) has taken over my old bedroom in my absence; leaving me to sleep in his old room which is now a sad looking mess of his things and mine stuffed in a corner. But the familiarity of being in the house which I have grown up in is quite comforting.

AND I've gotten to see my nearest and dearest friends! How lucky I am to know people like these, I tell ya. Last night, after the crushing discovery that A Single Man hasn't yet opened in Halifax, a couple of said dear friends and I decided to go bowling instead. Hold your judgements, because Bowling. Is. Awesome. Seriously! some junk food, a pitcher of beer, 3 24-year olds with questionable (yet evident) bowling talents is a ROCKIN' Monday Night.

Only nuisance was this scene from Across the Universe popped into my head so I had I've Just Seen a Face playing inside my head for the entire duration of the game:

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