Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is it bad that I've decided I want to become "a regular" at a bar?

Last night I [begrudgingly] went to my Landlord's bar to help out as some servers have gone home for the holidays. Turns out the place was dead so instead I just sat at the bar and hung out for a couple of hours. (He paid me anyway, I feel super guilty about that). The place is great though; super chill, and the people who work there are lovely. I kind of like the idea of popping into one's local pub where the staff knows you by name, and vice versa. Sitting at the bar, catching up over a drink and then carrying on with your night. Perhaps once I move into my new apartment I'll find some local pub to try out this venture. ...and/or I'll just head back to Landlord's pub in the New Year..

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