Thursday, February 25, 2010

News Flash!

Melissa of So About What I Said... has just informed me of the most wonderful news! There is going to be a rerelease of The Babysitter's Club - fancy new covers, a prequel and everything! She has more info than I do, but may I just say that this makes me happy. I used to love these friggin' books. I would pre-order them from the Scholastic catalogue and pick them up at Sir Charles Tupper Elementary's bi-monthly Book Fair and tear into tales from my friends Kristy (whom I admit I found a tad bossy), Stacey (who was the coolest because she was from New York), Mary-Anne (remember all of the Logan drama?!), Claudia (all business), Dawn (the California dreamer, and enviously pretty), Mallory (the budding writer, much like I imagined myself to be), and Jessie.

So glad a new generation gets to be exposed to these literary gems.

I wonder if they'll start up the Babysitter's Little Sister Club again? I'm sure I've got my old membership kit somewhere... ;)

Okay so I was going to show a clip from the movie (that I most definately watched/loved) but instead I found a clip from the tv series (which I didn't know existed) which stars a hilariously young and adorable Zach Braff. AMAZING.

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