Monday, February 1, 2010

Total exhaustion: Imminent

What. A. Weekend.

I'm going to give a play-by-play, and hopefully once reading it you'll realize why I am resorting to lists/point form.


::Packing. All day long. It is truly remarkable to me how much stuff I am able to accumulate over short periods of time.

::Out to dinner because it is Winterlicious*! (Possibly my new favourite time of year). Went to Trevors Kitchen which was delightful, and I'm pretty sure I would do anything for their parsnip soup with sage brown butter & bacon recipe


::Wake-up call 6 am

::Head to Scarborough for a day's volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. Quadruple layers helped to ward off cold, and steel-toed boots and hard hat aided in my looking rediculous. I had a blast though. I used a mitre saw and a nail gun and cocking, err caulking (why yes, us 25 year olds had as much fun with that double entendre as a bunch of school boys). My group installed baseboards and window trip for an entire house. Handy skills learned, fun had, body worked to the bone.

::Saturday evening gratefully provided me with a Hugh Grant movie marathon on television which was enjoyed whilst final packing was completed and sore muscles were tended to.


::Wake-up call 7:40am ->not an alarm this time though, just nerves as it is MOVING DAY

::Load and unload 2 station wagons full of all of my things into giant empty apartment. Head to the grocery store to pick up a cool $70 worth of cleaning products (although I must say, apartment was in quite good condition, far from the disaster zone that I'd pictured in my mind at 7:30 Sunday morning)

::Delicious and neccessary lunch break at Pho Hung. Best pho soup in town. (Saw an old university cronie to boot!)

::Afternoon consumed with cleaning (where luckily 2 of the most bestest friends ever helped)

::5pm. Off to UHaul to pick up giant cargo van to aid in the pick-up of Sofa. Sofa is beautiful. Cream Ultra Suede, perfect condition. I heart craigslist.

::While in loading bay of Sofaman's condo, spot dresser, coffee table, floor lamp and 2 sets of shelves. Sofaman says they are free for the taking - JACKPOT

::6:30pm. Loading sofa into apartment prooves difficult. Much swearing and sighing as pristine couch gets dirtied while squeezing through door and being dropped on ground by accident.

::7pm. Return van. Realize not a drop of water has been consumed all day so an emergency pit-stop at Subway for some bottles of water (and maybe some cookies) is made.

::8:30pm. Amazing designer friend comes over with materials for curtains. I install brackets, she sews drapes, her bf watches the Grammy's, we all eat a pizza et voila! I have fabulous curtains that make my living room look homey and magnificent.

::10:45pm. 2 days of drywall/sawdust/regular dust/household cleanser aromas results in the worst wheezing/asthma I've had in ages. Severe exhaustion also sets in. Leave apartment in its current state, and head to my cousins house to sleep in a bed...after a steaming hot shower and a cup of tea (naturally).

Today I get a bed of my very own, and I will strive to clean and set-up the entire bathroom and kitchen. Wish me luck!

*Annual city-wide food&wine extravaganza where all of the Toronto's most fabulous restaurants create prix fixe menus so laymen like me can afford to sample their gastronomic delights. Being a foodie, and one who spends money in less-than-appropriate ways, I find it to be a dream come true. This week's outing: Conviction

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  1. Alex, I've decided it is your job to pick a fabulous place for brunch on Saturday.