Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hanging on

So Roomie is here, the apartment is in relative chaos, and there is currently a man drilling a hole through our basement wall.

BUT despite all of this, the apartment is coming along.

We have been on a hanging-spree for the past couple of days. Mirrors have gone up, hooks, photos, art, frames, it's all happening people. It is happening, and it is a LOT of work. We're working on a "feature wall" (if you will) in our living room. Yesterday we had a grand time turning our living room floor and all of our frames/posters/photos into a puzzle. We've now got a pretty good idea of what we want and I'd say about 1/4, no, 1/3 of all items are currently affixed to the wall.

Of course I don't have any photos of our progress yet (once all of our mess gets cleaned up I promise I will take some photos and post them. For now, here is an idea of what we are going for:

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