Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I really, really, really need to get better at starting my days. This whole 'laze around until 11:30 am reading and blogging but doing nothing truly productive' thing is starting to make me feel like a life failure.

Reasons to be "Up and At'em" in the mornings:
  • It is sunny and gorgeous out now that Spring has sprung and I should be outside enjoying this blissful weather
  • My bank account is in a sad, sorry state of affairs. I need a job aka need to be job hunting.
  • Being the unemployed person who stays indoors in their sweats all day is too much of a cliche
  • Showering immediately upon awakening is a surefire way to ensure actually waking up in the mornings
  • Days are less stressful as I have more time to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish and need not worry about cramming everything into an afternoon
  • When I finally do get said job, I'm going to need to be up and at'em every morning so I might as well start now to avoid the inevitable shock to my system.
  • Drinking a full pot of tea every morning is lovely but indeed rather unneccesary. Such decadence is better left to weekends.
  • I don't even sleep in! If my body (and/or the sun streaming through my as-yet uncurtained window) is going to wake me up by 8:30 every morning anyway then I might as well take advantage!!

Anybody have any other incentives for getting my arse in gear upon waking? How about any tips on how best to do so? I hope you all are part way through your day like normal, productive members of society are..

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