Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was a shit day. Actually that's not true, there were parts of today that were perfectly lovely - like when two dear boys came over for an impromptu tea party, and when the sun came out for 20 minutes this afternoon and brightened my living room - but mostly I felt like a failure.

So instead of getting up and going for a walk, or to the gym I watched Pride and Prejudice. Escaping to 19th century English countryside with its leisures and witty banter and balls and Great Loves. I challenge you to devise a more perfect remedy to a blah, grey day. Oh, and Mr. Darcy, how I love you so. I fancy that some day I'll have a Mr. Darcy and we'll be sublimely happy despite our arguements and differences in stature... *sigh*
I wanted to show you one of my favourite scenes - a scene between Elizabeth and her father (played magnificently by one Donald Sutherland) - which gets me everytime BUT the internet is not obliging. Instead I'll give you a snippet of the lovely, lovely soundtrack:

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