Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I woke up before my alarm this morning and took advantage of the extra time for some good old-fashioned browsing. Just look at all of the fun things I've found!

Typography fun at the Keep Calm Gallery

Adorable bracelets from Starlet Charm (I like the elephant one - so cute!)

Antiques and housewares that I wish were mine

Super cute bookshelf facade (I still don't have any shelving in my bedroom and its starting to become a major nuisance)

Awesome photo taken by the Sartorialist - I would LOVE to have this poster in my house

Outfit envy over at Jak and Jil

Pretty red bow!

A super cool photo of a super cool house that's right near my apartment.

Aww man I could spend forever looking at fun pretty things online...but I've already spent the morning so I better get back to ye ol' job hunt... Happy hump day readers!

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