Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When did maintaining a relationship become so much work? Remember when it was simply and completely understood that you'd meet your favourite people in the same spot on the playground everyday, and a couple of friends could be completely content walking to the park and back? Friendship was easy. Seemingly unbreakable bonds were formed instantly. A giggle solved an argument.

Once you're a grown up "life" gets in the way. There's no recess or afterschool, only schedules and to do lists. Instead of living in the same neighbourhood, kilometres separate friends. Emails are impersonal, telephone conversations are sporatic and internet chats seem somehow dishonest or inorganic.

Thoughts are more complex, options more varied, arguments are unresolved instead of forgotten. Childhood friendships are innocent and unselfish. Adults seem preoccupied with how "I" feel - asking 'How come you make ME feel this way?' instead of 'Why do YOU feel this way?"

What I find frusterating is that friendships can still be easy. All it takes is a "Hello, how are you doing?", some thoughtful texts, an effusive letter or two and a willingness to be open despite long distances. I admit I am not the best at keeping in touch, but I know that I am better than some. I just find it so bizzare that these days people seem so much more willing to pour themselves into their job or career than into their relationships. So maybe today, or tomorrow, take some time to connect with someone - write a quick note, call to say a quick hello - something small is all it takes.

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