Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a couple of cool things that I discovered...

So on Tuesday, after picking out a bitchin' bridesmaids dress I strolled around the Danforth - a really cute part of town that I really must explore further. As I strolled, I perused a few boutique stores. Highlights were Drysdale & Co which was filled with great stationary, knick-knacks, and

this cute-as-a-button water bottle which I had to buy (it was on sale!)

Second fave was Bullet which housed a myriad of home and bathwares, all Euro-inspired, and all of which I want to own. One of the most fabulous of all of these fabulous houseware lines was Emma Bridgewater. She is British (so naturally I am drawn to everything) and she just makes the greatest pottery. I really, really, really like the "Black Toast" pattern.

I mean seriously, could these be any more darling?? I'm in typography heaven.

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