Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh hey,

I have been remiss in my blogger duties this week, and for that I am sorry. I have been thinking of things to blog about though, I promise! Have a peak at all of the pictures I saved on my desktop, just to share with you:

Okay, so first there was the time I was supposed to be on Craigslist searching for jobs, but was distracted by Net-a-Porter. I (naturally) gravitated straight to the shoe department where I found these Louboutins that would look friggin fabulous with my bridesmaids dress Sadly, these cost a cool $800 (or something) but due to the fact that I am half a foot taller than my Bride-to-be friend high heels have been outlawed anyway... I suppose it just wasn`t meant to be.

But maybe I could somehow, someway get my hands on these Pedro Garcia beauties, so that I could wear them ALL SUMMER LONG.Or these adoooorable Chloe flats, which I would just wear always, everywhere..

I also happened upon this beautiful Richard Nicoll number, which is just the most chic and comfy of summer dresses, that I would have l-0-v-e loved to wear to the opera on Wednesday night (I went to the opera on Wednesday night!)

But enough fantasy shopping! Look at all of the other pictures I found:

Bookshelf envy, courtesy of Mr. Lagerfeld (of course..)

And some more organized clutter:

and I found some adorable brogues (just when you thought I was done showing you pictures of shoes...)

and then, just because it`s Friday, how about some twirly fun:

Photos from Net-a-Porter, The Selby, Snippet&Ink, and Audrey Hepburn Complex

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