Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm trying really hard to have a productive day off today. Well maybe not "really hard" but I'm trying.

...Actually I'm sitting on my back porch listening to birds chirp and crickets buzzing the loud buzz of midsummer, and the gentle hum of my neighbours' air conditioner [note I said my neighbours'. My apartment is NOT air conditioned. It is a sticky, hot, cave. So much so that today Roomie posted this on my Facebook wall.]

I'm having a lovely time though... and I have cleaned the kitchen, and am doing laundry, and am showered and clean, and I'm drinking an Americano out of a fancy cup (and saucer!). I'm also doing some productive computer things, like researching the restaurant I'm going to stop by later today. Last week the owner came into my cafe and said that he liked me and wanted to know if I wanted to pick up some dinner shifts. I said "Thank you! That would be great, and I am available in the evenings" when in my head I was saying "Awwww HECK YES!".

AND I'm doing Maid of Honour things, like thinking about my speech, and working on some Stagette plans, and harassing the Dress shop about my bridesmaid dress which has yet to arrive.

AND I'm reading my book, which I've been reading for a real long time, and which I'd like to have finished; and heck, I may even try to get some writing done because why not?

These are all productive things... right? RIGHT?!??

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