Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend!!

It's Friday night and I am staying in. Old lady-ish? Maybe. Lame? Maybe. Neccessary? Absolutely.

For a good week or two now I've had a folder in my 'Favourites' entitled Blogworthy Things I Found on the Internet. (Cue fanfare...)

~:~Fab photo of a diner that I've been meaning to try and really must visit soon.

~:~A House Tour of an adorable apartment that is everything mine could be (and oh how I would love it if it would)

~:~More dreams of Paris...


~:~...and more cuteness

~:~Enviable wares found on Etsy. This would look so good in my bedroom!

~:~Beautiful words of wisdom

~:~Prettiest party in the whole world - with cheese! (Mmmmm)

~:~Vintage fashion spread of awesomeness


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