Thursday, July 15, 2010


You know what I just realized?

I've been keeping this blog for a year now! Nay, over a year!

My word, where has the time gone?! How? HOW has a year passed?!

I wonder if I've managed to keep anyone entertained this whole time? This blog started as a creative outlet, and while lately I'll admit has become less about sharing my own thoughts and creative urges and a bit more about sharing those of others I hope to get back to posts of a more introspective and effusive nature.

A YEAR. Ack! I can't believe it. (In case you couldn't tell). I was shocked at how fast the summer was passing (middle of July anyone??) but oh man! What IS it that makes time pass so quickly these days? Perhaps it is a symptom of being "grown up". I am 25 now after all; that's halfway to middle age - I've already started using the phrase 'I remember when I was a kid...'

I was about to say that it feels as though nothing of consequence has happened in the past 13 months but upon reflection I realize I have moved, I have switched jobs, I have visited 3 different countries, I've grown closer with friends, I've grown apart from friends, I've made new friends, I've made money, I've spent money, I've been brave, I've been wrong, I am in certain ways an entirely different person than she who began this blog (although, let's not get too crazy here, I am in a lot of ways entirely the same).

How have you changed in the past 13 months? What does a year mean to you?

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