Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello dear readers!

Sorry for being MIA - I was home in Nova Scotia to perform Honourable Maiden duties at my best friends wedding (!!!), and it was a busy week. An exhausting, hilarious, celebratory, fun week. Now I am back in Toronto and it seems like my trip home was practically a fantasy. (Corny? Undenyably. True? Undoubtedly.)

After a week filled with errands and appointments and a weekend filled with food, friends, and an open bar I am exhausted. Now that I'm back in Toronto I miss the comfort that being home automatically instills, the seafood (oh the seafood...) and most importantly the ocean breezes. It's funny how quickly I forgot about how the air perpetually sits still in Toronto - in Toronto and in my sweltering apartment. Oh reality, why you gots to be like that...

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