Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In a Jeff Buckley kinda mood.

Today I watched a TV show in which the title character was living the same day over and over. She found it frustrating, and while I'm sure the redundancy would eventually get to anyone I was just thinking of how nice it might be to live the same day a few times over. You would know to pack an umbrella for the un-forecasted rainstorm, or would be able to fit in time with everyone you wanted to spend time with. You could finish everything on your 'to do' list - in some way or another.

Some days I feel like my days are useless - complete wastes of 24hrs - which is a real shame because we only get a limited number of days. If I could go back and start over a few times than I could ensure that I get the most out of every day, or make sure I get at least one really good something out of my day. I suppose the idea is to accomplish this on the first go around. Our silly society sometimes [often] moves too fast for everyone to make the most out of all of our days.

As winter descends, and days literally get shorter I am going to try to get if not everything than a really good something out of my days.

Today's really good something: I had a nice, honest, hour long phone conversation with my dad.

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