Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sick Days are AWESOME.

So I took yesterday off work.

Tuesday night I got a dreadfully sore throat, Wednesday added a headache to the mix, and I decided that to fend off whichever illness was trying to take hold of me (Strep? MONO? I was imagining the worst) I'd better take a day to let my immune system do its thing.

Not wanting to bug my coworker to take my shift last minute I worked on Thursday (and was rather miserable) and then went home and didn't leave my house for what's now going on 42 hours.

Yesterday I woke up, sat in bed, went back to sleep, got up to take some vitamins and make some hot water with lemon and honey - a concoction which I firmly believe in during times of illness and which I drank constantly throughout the day - and do a crossword puzzle, went back to bed, went back to sleep, got up to eat some soup, read some blogs and magazine articles, went back to bed, went back to sleep, got up watched some bad tv, had some tea and a long hot bath, read a magazine, went back to bed and went back to sleep.


So this morning I awoke at the oh-so-reasonable hour of 8am feeling rested, refreshed, and 100% better. Huzaah! Take THAT winter cold! Victory is mine! I will never again try and 'work through' a cold. That is a silly notion that won't cure anything. I don't care where you work, surely you are not so important that your employer can't spare you for 1 day. Hell, even if you're not suffering from a cold giving yourself permission to do absolutely NOTHING for one whole day can only be beneficial in today's 'Go! Go! Go!' society. Take it from me, Sick Days are AWESOME.

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