Thursday, August 9, 2012

Checking in

So I haven't blogged in months, I know, I know.

In my defence blogging on a tablet is rather difficult, and trying to locate and keep a decent wireless signal in Italy is just plain impossible.

I have many stories to share, and could sit here typing for hours, but instead I'm just going to say how much I love being on this side of the Atlantic. Italy is such a vibrant and challenging country, and England, where I'm vacationing this week is so bizarrely charming that I would so greatly prefer to live here than back in Canada.

So instead of writing an actual blog entry filled with anecdotes and information I'm just going to check in to say that while I'm in Brighton enjoying internet and an actual computer I think I'm going to try and discern some sort of way to prolong my stay here, or at least work towards returning as soon as possible.

How is your summer?

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