Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today I worked myself into the closest to a panic attack as I've ever come. (While on my lunch break - I'm super professional like that).

It all started when I decided (against better judgement) to watch this video:

Yes, today I watched the TEDTalk entitled ’30 is not the new 20’. I watched it despite feeling waves of panic wash over me upon reading its title. And guess what? It made me panic. I thought for a second I might cry, and I had to go for a walk, exhale loudly, and buy a giant chocolate chip cookie and a cup of tea.

Allow me to share some choice texts from this afternoon. They are all text messages because none of my friends live in the same time zone as me. That’s a topic for another self-pitying rant at a later date.

     Me: Have you guys ever watched the 30 is not the new 20 TedTalk?
     Me: It has confirmed everything that I have been stressing about. Cue heightened level of panic.

     K: yes I’ve seen it Alex


Then there's this fab little exchange:

Oh man it was a bad time. But it's actually a really good TEDTalk... I'm going to listen to it again, and maybe again, until it stops freaking me out. (And maybe until Meg Jay's lessons take hold and put me in gear). 

I'm not the only twenty something in crisis, right? Right?!

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