Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Case of the... Tuesdays ?

Today I worked at my old job. My former boss called last night and left a lengthy, desperate message about how crazy things were and could I possibly offer any of my time to come in and do odd jobs, etc. and I figured since my days aren't all that exciting, and my bank account is steadily diminishing, why not.

It was weird. Things were exactly the same whilst being subtly different. A few times throughout the summer I've regretted quitting, mostly because no part of my summer has turned out as planned, and while I've been bragging about my self-proclaimed status as a "lady of leisure" life has been pretty dull. Pretty dull, and plenty lonely. I remembered how good I was at my job, but I also remembered the monotony of it. I worked a half day, it went by fast and I said I'd stop by tomorrow. Now that I'm home I'm quite tired and I can't decide how I feel about the situation.

Worst part of the day was having to explain what I'd been up to all summer, and why I hadn't moved yet. This question is always tricky as I have no real answer. Any and all I come up with are either rather pathetic or incredibly self-deprecating.

I'm also now in a mood because upon her arrival home, my sister decided to tear into me for no reason. No wonder I'm exhausted and generally disapproving of my current living situation...

So now, after opening up the fridge, spying a can of Stella and thinking a beer was a fabulous idea, I'm two sips in, have (a tad unsuccessfully) avoided an argument and I think I'd much rather a giant cup of tea.

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  1. Tuesdays, to me, are inherently awkward. I'm sorry this happened. I find listening to anything by The Innocence Mission a great remedy to rough day. I enjoy your blog.