Monday, August 24, 2009


I just got back from watching Kevin Fox perform at The Carleton, a local - very small - venue. I honestly had never heard of him, but his concept of arranging music solely for cello and voice was very intriguing.

The show was amazing. As a former cellist, watching him perform and hearing the sounds he was able to produce with such confidence and precision was breathtaking.

I love the cello. It is my favourite instrument. I have a theory that virtually every song - certainly every ballad - can be made infinitely better if a cello part is included and I am truly amazed at the vast range of sounds and tones this instrument is able to emote.

After the concert I bought a cd and felt compelled to thank Kevin Fox for a remarkable performance and an enjoyable evening. I was not eloquent, and undoubtedly came across as someone far less than who I would prefer to be perceived as, but nonetheless I am glad I got the chance to thank the man who moved me, inspired me, and took me for a trip down memory lane.

Ack! Great musical talent just boggles my mind...

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