Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life's Simple Things

I am having yet another uber-relaxing Sunday morning. I just finished a delicious asparagus and smoked salmon omelet, and am just sitting down to a cup of coffee. As my espresso maker bubbled, I thought "that is is perfectly lovely, comforting sound".

So as I enjoy my coffee, allow me to list off some of my favourite sounds:

- the ocean
- a symphony orchestra tuning up
- fall leaves crunching under foot
- hard rain on the roof
- the quiet, deep breaths of a loved one who is sound asleep
- the distinct lack of noise in the middle, or just after, a heavy snowfall (does that count as a sound??)

aww what the heck, how about some favourite smells as well..
- the ocean, salty and refreshing
- the inside of a book, either new or old
- lavender...and vanilla, that may be a tie
- wood fire, especially indoors on a cool, damp day
- salt & sun on skin after a day at the beach
- hot milk cake, fresh out of the oven

I could probably go on... it's nice to stop and think about the tiny things that comfort and bring enjoyment to one every now and again. It's funny too how a certain smell or sound has the ability to instantly transport one to a very specific place and time.

Next time you sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of good wine (all of which are also good smells), try pausing for a minute to think of some of your favourites, it's a rather calming thing to do.

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