Friday, October 2, 2009

Day One

Well I did it. I actually managed to make it to Toronto... made it meltdown and personal crisis-free I might add. Yay growth!

Now that I'm here, I am faced with actually doing something to begin a life here which is daunting to say the least. I've decided to keep this quote (which I've shared before) in my mind as I look forward to my new 'big city' life:

"Every one of us
is called upon, probably many
times, to start a new life.
A frightening diagnosis, a
marriage, a move, loss of a job...
And onward full tilt we go,
pitched and wrecked and absurdly
resolute, driven in spite of
everything to make good on a
new shore. To be hopeful, to
embrace one possibility after
another - that is surely the basic
instinct... Crying out: High tide!
Time to move out into the
glorious debris. Time to take
this life for what it is."

-Barbara Kingsolver, from High Tide in Tucson
(All this being said, this is definately not a permanent move yet. I managed to bring the bulk of my waredrobe with me, but I've still got a lot of stuff to go through and pack up... and my roommate-to-be won't be arriving until the end of the month, meaning I won't have an apartment until November).

How wonderfully scary and exciting! More updates to come..

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  1. YOU DID IT!!!

    I'm so proud of you little bird!
    J Mac