Monday, November 16, 2009

Does that include utilities??

Ay me, what a day.

Today the business of moving to a new city really hit me. New cell phone plans, and apartment hunting, and apartment viewing (ieee). There's a lot to do before I can really feel at home here.

Tonight roomie and I saw three apartments. I decided a good aid for making an informed decision would be to write down our immediate reactions post-viewing. Tonight's apartments yielded these results:

#1 - NO.
#2 - Location not a fave
- bright
- close to amenities
- backyard!!!
- mantle
- small bathroom (in basement)
- negotiable lease term
- no place to sit and eat
#3 - location a bit better
- residential neighbourhood
- large apartment
- landlord nice
- no closets (!!)
- great potential
--->application entered

Overall I'd say we're off to a great start, and I certainly did not expect to get a place my first day out there (although who knows what will happen with that third apartment...). My fabulous Toronto apartment is out there - I can feel it. More updates from the field to come.

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  1. The first question I asked myself when I found my current apt was, "Do I feel at home? Will I feel at home a month from now" The answer was no. But, I couldn't pass up the rent and location (Downtown MTL). Well, turns out I coulda shoulda. My advice to you is take time and find someplace where home can be. Good luck.