Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big City, Big Dreams

Somehow I survived my packing ordeal and made it to Toronto. Woo hoo!

The "move" doesn't feel real yet, because
a) I've only been here 3 days
b) half of my things are still in Halifax, boxed up and patiently awaiting shipment
c) I have yet to get a place to live, or even a Toronto phone number

but SOON [hopefully] everything will come together and I will be living the fabulous life that seemed to elude me in Halifax.

...This is a terribly, terribly boring entry. I am sorry. I'm still recovering from my night out on the town last night. Perhaps after a nap I will have something more interesting to say. In the meantime maybe you could read something interesting here, or something funny over here, or perhaps look at some photos of my new town

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