Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If my dreams came true, I would move to Toronto and find an apartment like this one... and/or instead of moving to Toronto, I'd be moving to Paris; just sayin'.

If I could find my camera right now, (or if my GD computer would permit me to post pictures) I would share a photo of my bedroom at this moment. I can't however, so let me just try to paint a little picture so that perhaps you can understand why right now I'd rather look at blogs for hours, or watch daytime TV than deal with what I can only describe as a total state of complete disarray.
::Currently squished next to a pile of clothing deemed 'take later' items, on a chair that also has 'coats to be mended and sent at a later date' and 'clothes to give away' on either armrest.
::On my floor there is a stack of miscellaneous papers and paraphernalia to sort through, a cardboard box filled with picture frames, etc to be closed up for shipping, packing tape, brown paper (to wrap breakables), half-a-dozen clothing hangers (victims of cleaning out the closet), and an almost entirely full suitcase.
::Bed is COVERED in clothes that still have to [miraculously] fit into the suitcase on the floor, the occasional belt/purse, 3 make-up bags filled with miscellaneous (but absolutely necessary) lotions, potions, polishes and powders, my cookbooks and winter scarves/gloves
::Closet/cupboard/vanity still contains a DVD collection, half of a shoe collection, a rather hilarious group of mugs that I refuse to part with, more cosmetics, jewelery, a picture frame that I just realized I forgot to wrap up and a wine opener, that sadly does not come with a bottle to open.

Helloooooo my entire afternoon/evening. Awesome.

But enough complaining, and back to work - on the bright side, at least I'm not sneezing uncontrollably

PS. Just had to edit this post so that I could include this marvelous little ditty: (It seems appropriate what with all this packing complaing and talk of my fantasy life)

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